D.J. Mike-p (Mike Papadopoulos)
was born  in December of 1964 
and started listening to music by
the age of five years, from an old 
vinyl record player with amplifier tubes.
He had 45 rpm vinyl's consisting Greek
popular songs of the 60's. After 1974,
he had the first hi-fi record player and 
33 rpm vinyl's with rock music from classic bands such as: 
deep purple, rainbow, pink floyd and many others...
He studied music (piano and drums) and music technology.
In the age of 16 he formed a music groop and performed several
times live in front of numerus audiences.
Later he played keyboards at 
"Fantis Bastouni kai oi Assoi" music groop.
In 1980 he owned one of the few radio stations in Athens,
the "A-20". From that radio station, people in Athens heard for
first time the music groops of that years (like Asia and many
At the operation of his station, Mike-p collaborated with a lot of 
other D.j.'s. such as  the famous collector of vinyl's in Greece,
Gregory Vaios. Afterwards he was played up in a lot of radio
stations in Athens and the region.
He started play music in 1989 in music clubs.
D.J. Mike-p has listening all kinds of music,
does not have"musical racism", neither rejects any musical style. 
He has a wide collection of any kind of music and he plays
proportionally with the style of each club.
The aim is to make everybody dance with the rhythm .
At this time he still plays music at music clubs and he
collaborates with a big team of d.j.'s.
Also he is one of the most famous music producers in Greece,
and he has made many songs and remixes.